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Terry Curry:

I am writing this letter in response to the February 16th accident that ended in the death of Private Tim McCormick and Specialist Cody Medley. I cannot help feeling that the decision made by your office to not prosecute Jade Hammer is not only blatantly disrespectful to their families, but to all those working in public safety as well. It appears as though this woman is being protected, and that is beyond appalling.

There has been conflicting information in the media recently. The common thing between what I have read is that she admitted to drinking, admitted to speeding, and admitted to paying attention to a GPS device instead of traffic lights. I can almost guarantee you that in any other state, running a red light, driving with alcohol in your system on any level, not looking at the road, and causing the death of two public servants would be considered beyond reckless. If you and your office do not consider that being distracted and therefore driving recklessly, then what is?

Had it been Ms. Hammer that lost her life, these men would have lost their licenses, their jobs, and their freedom. Under the legal limit or not, that in no way means that she was not impaired. It saddens me knowing your office feels those two young men’s lives are worth nothing more than a ticket. This lack of respect or simple acknowledgement for the people who risk their lives to save others scares me.

There was a time when I wanted to work in Indianapolis. After seeing how your office treats line of duty death for its EMS personnel, I am not 100% sure now. Knowing that I could be in the same situation as Tim and Cody were in, and that my son and husband would have to jump through hoops to see justice makes me sick. They do not deserve that, nobody does.


Kayleigh Owens



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It’s been a bit since I’ve posted anything substantial, and for that, I apologize. I had a big, long, drawn out opinion post on the current state of things that I was thinking up, but it never happened. I woke up on Christmas eve and read the news first thing, like I always do. What I saw was extremely unsettling, and is still bothering me every time I think about it.

I didn’t know them personally, but two fire fighters in West Webster, NY were killed in the line of duty that morning. It wasn’t the fire that got them, but a deranged man with a gun. All they were doing was their job, which was totally volunteer. Four were fighting a fire, and only two went home. In the midst of all of this (and from what I know), there were two other fire fighters and an off duty officer injured. The fire was set as a trap apparently. They got there and were killed trying to save lives. Here’s why it bothers me so much:

I decided a while back that because of the particular facets of public safety I’m interested in, I’d have to become a fire fighter. (I’m a bit of a chemistry nut, and the hazmat stuff is amazing to me). Public safety is already a dangerous job as is, because you don’t know what you’re dealing with when your tones go off. You could have the world’s best dispatcher, world’s best police, world’s best anything working with you… but they’re only human. Even they don’t know what you’ll be up against; especially your dispatcher. As supportive as my husband is of my chosen career choice, it scares the shit out of him. He already wants me to be able to carry a weapon on duty, and is amazed at the fact that we can’t do that. This incident didn’t help matters.

My heart hurts. Like I said, I didn’t know these guys, but if it can happen there it can happen anywhere. It was Christmas eve for fucks sake, and they didn’t make it home to their families. Christmas will forever be somber for their children, wives, siblings, co-workers, and everyone they were close to. On a lighter note, I came across an open letter yesterday posted by that districts chief, so here it is: You can see it at

Thank You Message from Chief Deisenroth   January 4th, 2013

The West Webster Fire District family would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to our loving and caring community. We are enormously overwhelmed with the generosity of each and every one of you and as unbelievably amazing as you have all been, we should not be surprised. We have witnessed the true meanings of honor, community, brother and sisterhood, and family. Our family extends well beyond our firehouse and our community well beyond Webster!
To thank you all for each and every gift of love you have given would be impossible as we are still learning of the many ways people have shown and continue to show their support. You have visited our home with cards, monetary gifts, food and drinks, flowers, candles, teddy bears, plaques, hand-crafted crosses, drawings, and even coffee and treats from Abbott’s. Facebook Groups have been formed by many to show support, share comforting words and pictures, and even arrange for transportation and housing for the funeral services. We notice signs in front yards and we see your flags are lowered. We notice when you tell us to be safe and we know those words hold more weight than anyone could ever explain. We appreciate each and every person who stood outside to watch the funeral processions and every vehicle that stopped on the side of the road. We saw flags waving, people saluting, hands over hearts, and we have seen so many tears. Each and every one of you not only reminded us but also taught us what it truly means to be a strong and loving community.
Brothers and sisters came from all over, including other countries, to pay their respects and to share in our grief. Each and every one of you not only reminded us but also taught us what Brotherhood/Sisterhood truly means.
You have prayed for us and with us and we know that you will continue to pray, as will we.
“Thank you” doesn’t begin to express our appreciation to all of you. Please know that the good you have all shown will always be remembered and cherished by all of us. You have truly honored our brothers!
We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the various media outlets for respecting the wishes of the families through this difficult time. We appreciate them working with us to make sure the highest level of respect was shown during all of the events that they attended.
May you all have a safe and happy 2013.

James Deisenroth
District Chief
West Webster Fire District



A couple nights ago, I was on my way home from class talking to a friend about why I think an assault weapons ban is ridiculous.

The difference between assault and battery was explained to me as follows: Battery means you were touched but not hurt, and assault means you were hurt. That being the case, I believe that anything and everything could be used as an assault weapon. I think my exact words were ‘If I wanted to, I could assault someone with a slice of cheese’. If I were to do such a thing, I highly doubt that I wouldn’t be able to have cheese at my house anymore. So why take a gun?

I don’t like the fact that I feel like I need to carry a weapon. I hate walking out my door knowing that with where the world is headed, I could end up dead or seriously injured, and it wouldn’t be through any fault of my own. That’s how things are though, and until that changes, my home and my family are going to be properly defended. Gun owners don’t want to create violence, they just want to be ready when something happens.


*Update* – I learned that the definitions I was given about assault and battery were backwards. Also got some good info on the 1994 assault weapons ban courtesy of