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Never in my life did I think I’d be ‘punished’ for wanting a fucking education. This is ridiculous. I’m sorry the town I live in is full of people who would rather hire druggies and incompetent fuck heads than someone who genuinely wants to work. I’m so over this state. The people that need help don’t get it and those that don’t need it do.


I’m going to start posting my english projects. Can’t do it until after they get graded, but I had a lengthy conversation with the professor yesterday about future assignments. Rapid sequence intubation paper, here I come!

First off, I almost wish I could have taken this in person versus taking the course online. Human sexuality is definitely pushing some limits for some people. My first official assignment was on sex and the media,and here it is:
View two of your favorite sitcoms and two music videos on television. Pay special attention to any content of a sexual nature.

For your original DB post answer all of these questions:

  • What messages are being communicated to the viewing public?
  • Are these messages realistic?
  • How can these messages be helpful or harmful to individuals and/or relationships?

Then, also respond to at least one other student’s DB post for this week.

From what I gathered, the song and the video both are very much about exploring your sexuality as a whole. It’s also saying that exploring fantasies and fetishes isn’t a bad thing, and if you want to do it go ahead and do it. This band is kind of famous for pushing limits. Being from a foreign country, they shocked the U.S. and were actually banned from being on U.S. soil for a long time.

They’re extremely realistic. It shows only very few types of fantasy scenarios that are out there, and that people who explore their sexuality like that are usually very happy with the results and truly enjoy themselves.
They could be helpful in the sense that it could encourage people to speak up about things they want to try. Honesty about anything and everything in a relationship is a wonderful thing. People who communicate wants and needs tend to have stronger, longer lasting relationships.
They could be harmful in the sense that there is absolutely no mention of doing anything safely, which can expose a person to a number of different diseases, and possibly an unplanned pregnancy.
With the first verse in particular, you see a man talking to people that he captured about being burned with cigarettes by a stripper. It’s almost like he wants to confess what he does. The lyrics and imagery together suggest that this man thinks he’s crazy, but likes what he does. However, there’s a small part of the person that isn’t sure if he should be doing what he does. This type of behavior is very common in serial killers, as most of them act out of some type of deep sexual frustration.
People with what would be considered strange sexual behaviors are very real. There have also been plenty of cases where the person just had an extreme thirst for power and control, and were more into making their victims feel completely helpless without even having to touch them.
This song is only telling a story, but the messages could be helpful in letting people know that there is some very dark and depraved type of behavior out there in the world. People can’t pretend that it doesn’t exist, all though they may want to. If you’re having thoughts or doing things you feel aren’t normal, you can always talk to someone about, but hopefully you don’t feel like you have to take something like this too literally.
*The first video is graphic in nature. I only provided links in case anyone wanted to see what I was talking about. You aren’t obligated to watch it.*
For the t.v. show I watched a couple of episodes of scrubs. There’s a character on the show that is like a walking sexual harassment suit, that gets into some trouble often. There were even a few doctors on the show that were eventually ordered to do sensitivity training due to some comments they made. Out of those couple of episodes, the show was essentially saying that you should be careful what you say and do at work, because anything can be misconstrued as sexual.Some of the things shown on this show are so realistic that it’s kind of scary. You see a decent amount of good medical reference, as well as a good amount of real life type of drama.

The messages in the show tend to be very helpful. There’s a recurring theme of honesty being the best policy, and that you should be open with partners and friends. There are also a lot of things on the show that show people things not to do at work, and what might be inappropriate behavior with a coworker.

I decided to just dive in and see what happens, because to be quite honest I really had no idea what they would actually teach in the class. I’m loving it so far, but I’m kind of expecting some criticism for some strange reason.

Thank you to my friend Anthony for inspiring my title. He wanted to cover all the bases, just in case the world really does end.

Here’s that opinion I said I’d give the other day: Whiskey tango foxtrot?

Sandy Hook – That’s got to be one of the most god awful things I’ve ever heard about a person doing. I had just taken my son to see his new school and get him signed up when I heard about it. I mean.. who would shoot up an elementary school of all places? I believe that Adam Lanza was deeply disturbed, and needed more help than what he had; if he even had any to begin with. I also believe that nobody will ever really know all the whats and whys of that situation, because unless you see shit for yourself, how can you? Now for the opinionated part: as horrible and tragic as this was, I don’t feel a weapons ban will solve a fucking thing. The gun did not commit the crime, the person committed the crime with a gun.

Connecticut has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, and those laws didn’t prevent this man from killing innocent children. No law has ever prevented a person from committing a crime of any kind. The only thing I feel is broken in the system as far as guns are concerned is that things change depending on what state you’re in. Like here in Indiana for instance, someone with ‘crazy papers’ as a friend of mine called them, can still get a gun believe it or not, but just isn’t allowed to carry. You can also purchase at 18, but can’t carry until 21. There are loopholes out the ass, and those loopholes don’t need to be there. Then again, crazy or not, someone could just up and decide to shoot me if they want to. I don’t know because life is just like that, nobody knows what will happen 5 minutes from now, let alone the next day. If a person wants something bad enough, they’ll do whatever they feel is necessary to get it done, even if it means violating the law, or violating the rights of another person.

There are already plenty of mental health services available all over the country. Part of the issue there is staff within some of these places, and patient compliance. There are people in this world that don’t know what to ask when discussing their treatment, so they just say nothing. Not saying anything can be dangerous though, so for the love of God please educate your patients! Answer their questions if they have them, and point them to whatever resources you can think of. I honestly think that if the medical community at least tried to appear like they care more, that would solve a lot of patient compliance issues. People don’t do things for others simply because they want to anymore, they do it for a fucking paycheck. You can’t just throw pills at a person and expect the meds to solve all of their problems. They work best when used in conjunction with therapy. However, medicine is a practice and the public needs to understand that medical professionals of all types are people too. No one individual knows everything, no one individual can solve all the problems of the world, and no one individual is by any means a super hero. No treatment of any kind will work instantly, because things take time.

As a society, we’ve become extremely narcissistic, lazy, and about as impatient as people can get. We want, want, and want some more; and don’t care what happens to everyone else as long we have those things we think we need for some reason. Before we begin to fix anything, we need to take a look at ourselves. There’s not a damn thing wrong with the government, the issue is the people.

In short, we all need to start giving a fuck. Even it’s something small, do something nice for someone. That one small thing could make a big difference.

*I’ll eventually be expanding opinions more, when I have time to do some more research. I’m a person who believes in the second amendment. There’s a legal gun in my house, and it’s staying here. At some point in the future, there will be more legal guns in my house, and I intend to keep every one of them.

First, I apologize for not having a review yesterday. Being a medical student, you get really tired sometimes and all you want to talk about are all the weird things you see on clinicals.

Anyway, today’s review is on the restaurant at my college. Inside the student lounge, we have a little place called food for thought. They have pretty decent hours (8 A.M. – 7 P.M.) and different lunch specials everyday. They’ve also got lots and lots of awesome sweet stuff. Cappuccino is pretty decent too.

The place came to us via Ritter‘s frozen custard. IU East was asked about putting on there, and IU said no. Ivy Tech Richmond said they would try it, and the place has been a really big hit so far. The prices definitely help, and specials are even cheaper.  One of today’s specials was broccoli and cheese soup for $1.25, and my God that was the best broccoli and cheese soup I’ve had in ages.

There have been quite a few times I’ve had this kind of soup and it was too watery, way too thick, wasn’t warm at all or I had to season it with salt and pepper after being served. This one tasted just the way I like it; like a bowl of broccoli and melted cheese ^_^. I’d love to know what type of cheese they used, because it was probably one of the best cheddar cheeses I’ve tasted recently. I highly recommend the place. Everything I’ve had from there was great :-).

Ivy Tech students, you can get a list of specials for the week by logging into your campus connect account, and looking through the announcements.


I don’t remember exactly who said it, but the following has stuck with me since 18. Stay educated and ask questions!!! Seems simple enough. Why people choose to be blinded by different things; therefore making decisions for the wrong reasons; I’ll never know.

Conflict will always exist. Someone will always disagree with something, and so the cycle continues. So I urge you: know not only how you feel, but why you feel that way. If you’re going to get behind something, educate yourself on it. Know all angles, and don’t turn into the very thing most say they hate….

I may be asking too much here, but why can’t we all just be civil? My state’s new governor says we should all put politics aside and work together for a change. That man is republican.

The end.