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It’s been entirely too long

Posted: January 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

Things have changed. A lot. I’ll get around to writing more eventually.



I need to make  it a point to update way more often than I have been. Anyway, here’s another GREAT site I found to earn free gift cards!!!

I’m a slight bit upset for various reasons, but for right now I’m going to talk about magazines.

Rolling Stone put one of the Boston Bombers on the cover. I understand using shock value for publicity and all, but seriously? Why this guy?

I actually tried to read the article before I said anything about it, and I couldn’t make it through the whole thing. It seems like they’re blaming the kid being a terrorist on his home life. In short, I’m not happy.

I’ll update this more later when I’m not on my phone.


Suicidal Rantings From The Master of Low Expectations

I have some ideas for the next Madden game. Instead of rehashing the same game with limited improvements every year, add in new modes, here are some concepts;

  • Power outages – If it’s good enough for the Super Bowl, it’s good enough for a video game. Don’t allow players to skip it either. Just 15 minutes upwards of 2 hours sitting and still controlling your player while he’s sitting on the bench in the dark, waiting.
  • Have a Ray Lewis story mode. While the lights are out, you murder a couple people. Then you have to hire good defense attorneys, and keep your story straight, all while your web of lies becomes intertwined and confusing. But you still have to lead your team to a Superbowl victory.
  • A create a career mode. You play every aspect of your character’s life. From the games, to training, to developing a meth addiction…

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I’ve been seeing make money from home advertisements EVERYWHERE for a long time. I never thought any of it was real until today. I got TWO checks in the mail. One was from Cash Crate, the other from Inbox Dollars. Considering the night I had last night (Catfisherman’s Paradise was a HUGE waste of money) I really needed it. Here’s your proof,and if you’re in need of extra cash then here are the links: or


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EMS week is the 19th to 25th. Even if it only gets done this week and not the rest of the year, thank an EMT or paramedic if you see one. Their job is tough.

I want to personally thank the crews that came to my aid over 8 years ago in Apoka, FL. It is because of your skills that I’m even alive right now. I coded on you twice on the way to Orlando Regional even, and I’m still here. I would love to work with you in the future. That accident is what sparked my interest in EMS, and I finally became an EMT myself last year.

To EMS personnel everywhere, thank you!

– Kayleigh, EMT-B, Indiana

Never in my life did I think I’d be ‘punished’ for wanting a fucking education. This is ridiculous. I’m sorry the town I live in is full of people who would rather hire druggies and incompetent fuck heads than someone who genuinely wants to work. I’m so over this state. The people that need help don’t get it and those that don’t need it do.