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I need to make  it a point to update way more often than I have been. Anyway, here’s another GREAT site I found to earn free gift cards!!!

I’ve been seeing make money from home advertisements EVERYWHERE for a long time. I never thought any of it was real until today. I got TWO checks in the mail. One was from Cash Crate, the other from Inbox Dollars. Considering the night I had last night (Catfisherman’s Paradise was a HUGE waste of money) I really needed it. Here’s your proof,and if you’re in need of extra cash then here are the links: or


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EMS week is the 19th to 25th. Even if it only gets done this week and not the rest of the year, thank an EMT or paramedic if you see one. Their job is tough.

I want to personally thank the crews that came to my aid over 8 years ago in Apoka, FL. It is because of your skills that I’m even alive right now. I coded on you twice on the way to Orlando Regional even, and I’m still here. I would love to work with you in the future. That accident is what sparked my interest in EMS, and I finally became an EMT myself last year.

To EMS personnel everywhere, thank you!

– Kayleigh, EMT-B, Indiana

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During review week, I reviewed stuff!!!! There was Chris Big Money’s new album Money Beats, the video for “All Your Money Are Belong To Me”, my nutrition project, that broccoli and cheese soup I had at school and a bunch of nothing in between  (I got a little busy, and then tired, then lazy.) And now, some shameless promotion: Buy the album, watch the video, get the soup and do your homework.

Now that Thanksgiving is done with, we all get to start focusing on Christmas. This year has been driving me crazy. It’s my first anything being married, and for some reason that added a bit of stress to it. Luckily, my husband is ridiculously creative, so we figured it out in a matter of a day. I was going to go out shopping today, but he convinced me otherwise. Oh, about that random idea I had…

I decided for next week to add a random thoughts from my husband bit to each post. He’s a smart man and he’s afraid to say things that other people wouldn’t dare think of.

That is all. Here’s a picture of my son trying to make his own sandwich:

the little stinker trying to be independent

This kid is growing up fast



It’s cute, it’s furry, and it might just kick your ass

Guess it yet? No? Fine… I’ll tell you. IT’S A BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO!

Chris Big Money made a video, and it’s quite interesting. There’s comedy, big hair, a ninja, beer, some old school kung fu and a kitty. Two kitties actually.

The video, for the song “All Your Money Are Belong To Me“,  tells the story of Yen Shampoo and his battle with Var the Ninja. Yen is mourning the loss of his clan brothers, and later learns that Var the Ninja was responsible. Yen Shampoo travels, trains, then comes home to his own backyard to battle Var.

At one point a board breaks, Yen gives himself splinters and  it looks like the battle is over. Var wins… or so you think. *Cue beer (err… magic elixir that conveniently happens to be in the yard).* The young Yen Shampoo wins, his clan is avenged, and him and his afro get to go home in one piece.

No cats, dogs, or cans of beer were harmed in the making of this video.

Spotify link: Chris Big Money – Money Beats
Word Press blog:
Chri$ Big Money website:

I’m writing a review on my own project. It’s not the way I presented it really, but the topic I ended up with that I thought was awesome. I had a nutrition term paper and presentation to do, and I picked nutrition for toddlers. I figured since I have a toddler aged child, it would be an interesting topic. I found quite a bit of information that shocked the hell out of me.

The class was given complete creative control over presentations. We were told to pick whatever nutrition related topic we wanted. I wanted to do nutritional disorders, but what I ended up finding was a lot of info on eating disorders. I was totally amazed at the things I found doing research. Children as young as 4 can start to develop emotional issues that contribute to their eating habits.

What I put together was a power point, a handout with some info on the two disorders I focused on, and snacks :-). I had some info about basic nutritional needs, the disorders, and tips on handling picky eaters. I used some pictures of my own son, and the snack I had people make was ants on a log. If you’ve never had it, it consists of celery, peanut butter and raisins. That’s a hell of a lot better than bacon mac and cheese pie, or going to mc donalds all the time.

As for the project itself, I absolutely loved it. We had people do presentations on fad diets, being vegan, child hood obesity, heart disease, and a number of other things. The one that really stood out was on an eye disease, and I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called. This should definitely stay part of the class. Everyone learned a lot today, me included.