Excuse me sir, I have a few words to say

Posted: February 14, 2013 in announcements, Politics, Rants, Uncategorized, Updates
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Yesterday, on my way out of mc donalds, I caught part of a news cast that was showing footage of a funeral for one of the officers Chris Dorner killed. It was one of the most heartbreaking things I think I’ve ever seen. There were upwards of 5,000 uniformed men and women that went to that service. It looked absolutely beautiful.

Now here’s the opinion part of this post:

I read Chris Dorner’s manifesto thing a couple of days ago. The things that were described by him sounded horrible to say the least, but did not surprise me. I know quite a few people throughout the state of California, and have heard some terrible things about the LAPD. If what Mr. Dorner said had any truth to it, I feel for him, because to have things like that happen and nothing be done is ridiculous. However, the way he handled it was completely out of line.

If he wanted to be the picture of what he thought an officer should be, then freaking out and endangering the public is NOT the way to handle it. Killing those officers solved nothing. I do have to admit, I’ve had my share of run-ins with cops that I didn’t think should have their badge, but those few in no way speak for all police. It’s people like Dorner that make a bad name for police forces everywhere. All it takes is one person to change things and make a person have a negative view on an entire group. In the same way, it also takes just one person to restore faith.

I had to call the police ages ago just for the simple task of getting my stuff back from an old roommate. The officers that were sent spoke to my then boyfriend and I about the situation, ran our information like they had to for this type of call, asked a few basic questions, then helped me get my stuff. Those same two officers showed legitimate concern for the both of us, and were about to help us find somewhere to stay that night. I wish I could remember their names, because I’d love to call them and just see how they’re doing these days.

I was once a person who didn’t enjoy being around police, but that one encounter completely changed my opinion. Since then, I’ve run  into other officers that are absolutely upstanding people, both personally and professionally. I hope that one day the world realizes that officers are people too, but this isn’t just a job for them. They run the risk of going to work and never being able to come home to their families again, and they do so without hesitation.

My point is this: Don’t let one  incident or one person ruin your view of a certain group.



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