No sir, I didn’t have to go to school for this. My license came out of a cracker jack box

Posted: January 25, 2013 in announcements, Uncategorized, Updates
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After tomorrow I will (hopefully) be an official EMT in the state of Indiana. Before I go any further, I have to get something out of the way: HOLY SHIT I’M NERVOUS. OK, that’s done now :-).

EMS was in the back of my mind as a possible career choice for a really long time. I enjoyed class and all of the people I met through school, my instructors were awesome and I really feel like I’m going to do great.

Now for some things I’ve learned:

The pay sucks, but I am totally alright with it. I didn’t think EMS would make me rich. My thought was that I wanted to do something that made me feel important, because that is the thing that matters – me being happy.

It’s not all guts and glory. In fact, there’s not much glory for an EMT. This is another thing I don’t mind. I had my share of irritating patients while doing my ride time, but that is a huge part of the job. I had to buck up and get used to it if I want to keep doing this.

I’m still debating on whether or not I want to head straight to medic school. I personally feel that it would be best to have more street experience before I do that. However, the program only takes students once a year, so it would be awhile before I could apply again if I don’t do it this time around.

Back to studying. Should I ever meet anyone that reads this post, I sincerely hope that my future partner and I help you to the best of our combined abilities.




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