So I’ve been super busy. It’s the end of the semester, I’m applying to my medic program soon and Christmas is right around the freaking corner. Being the broke bitch that I am, the husband and I got a little creative with gifts this year. I’ll be posting pictures of some of the things we’re making all throughout the week.

Here’s where the alcohol comes in: SAVE YOUR BOTTLES!! You can make some really cool stuff with empty liquor bottles. One idea we had was to do candles.

The Crown Collection

done with baby food jars and a crown bottle

How freaking cool is this?! They look pretty and smell even better. From left: midnight scent, lavender scent, combination lavender/midnight scent. My God I love being cheep sometimes. I used wax crystals from hobby lobby, and oil made by the same company for the scents. So far, they’re going over well. I’ve been using the neighbors for test subjects.

  1. These are really neat hun. So crafty never thought of using old bottles to make candles in.. I’ll be your tester.. hehe I’m so addicted to wax stuff..

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