During review week, I reviewed stuff!!!! There was Chris Big Money’s new album Money Beats, the video for “All Your Money Are Belong To Me”, my nutrition project, that broccoli and cheese soup I had at school and a bunch of nothing in between  (I got a little busy, and then tired, then lazy.) And now, some shameless promotion: Buy the album, watch the video, get the soup and do your homework.

Now that Thanksgiving is done with, we all get to start focusing on Christmas. This year has been driving me crazy. It’s my first anything being married, and for some reason that added a bit of stress to it. Luckily, my husband is ridiculously creative, so we figured it out in a matter of a day. I was going to go out shopping today, but he convinced me otherwise. Oh, about that random idea I had…

I decided for next week to add a random thoughts from my husband bit to each post. He’s a smart man and he’s afraid to say things that other people wouldn’t dare think of.

That is all. Here’s a picture of my son trying to make his own sandwich:

the little stinker trying to be independent

This kid is growing up fast


  1. kowens317 says:

    I’ve noticed I have a few followers, and more viewers. Speak up people, I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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