It’s cute, it’s furry, and it might just kick your ass

Guess it yet? No? Fine… I’ll tell you. IT’S A BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO!

Chris Big Money made a video, and it’s quite interesting. There’s comedy, big hair, a ninja, beer, some old school kung fu and a kitty. Two kitties actually.

The video, for the song “All Your Money Are Belong To Me“,  tells the story of Yen Shampoo and his battle with Var the Ninja. Yen is mourning the loss of his clan brothers, and later learns that Var the Ninja was responsible. Yen Shampoo travels, trains, then comes home to his own backyard to battle Var.

At one point a board breaks, Yen gives himself splinters and  it looks like the battle is over. Var wins… or so you think. *Cue beer (err… magic elixir that conveniently happens to be in the yard).* The young Yen Shampoo wins, his clan is avenged, and him and his afro get to go home in one piece.

No cats, dogs, or cans of beer were harmed in the making of this video.

Spotify link: Chris Big Money – Money Beats
Word Press blog:
Chri$ Big Money website:

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