Money Beats artwork

I love a good play on words. Anyway, it’s review week so here it goes: I now present to you my wonderful words on Chris Big Money, and his new album Money Beats. (Track 1 is “All Your Money are Belong to Me”, and it’s great when you first wake up in the morning.)

There are advances in electronics and technology every day, and the world of music production is no stranger to this phenomenon. This  hasn’t just changed the way music is made, but influences the music itself in some cases. When times change, music and the people that make it do in a way, and you can definitely hear that all throughout this album. The closing song makes you think a little even, which was something I loved. Towards the end of the song, you hear the voice of Big Money himself, saying that he’s closing the doors, but leaving the windows open and telling you to act the day is beautiful, even it looks like hell outside.

Me when I first wake up in the morning is not a pretty site. Ask my husband, he’ll be the first to tell you I’m awful. That being said, I figured the best time to get my honest opinion of something is when I’m fresh out of bed in the morning. I played the album via Spotify on my phone while I was making breakfast. I was relatively calm after not even making it through the first track, AND before I had my morning coffee. That right there ladies and gentlemen, is saying something BIG.

The album Money Beats was released on election day this year. So among all the crazy, people could still say they had something to dance about. I have to say he’s learned a lot since he first started making music. I’d know, I still have a copy of his very first demo. Money Beats is his best effort yet. He is definitely out to entertain in a very over the top way. With song titles such as “G.N.A.R. – Going Naked at Raves”, “Kitty Kat Swag”, and “I Didn’t do the Nasty” it’s quite obvious.

Every song is vastly different. There are tracks you can chill to, tracks you can work out, tracks you can dance to and even some that just brighten your day a bit. Money Beats has something for everyone, even people who say they aren’t into electronic music. (“Kitty Kat Swag” will get stuck in ANYONE’S head.) My personal favorites were “Disco Charlie”, “Money Moombah” and “Jumping Jacks”.

“Disco Charlie” is one of the very dance-able songs. Even in my son’s young age, he started doing some kind of robot routine to it. Where a 3 year old learned the robot, I don’t know. It was amazing though, he even got me to dance with him a little. “Money Moombah” is one that I would love to put on a workout mix. It’s got some obvious Latin influence to it; no Hispanic woman in her right mind wouldn’t want to start moving to it. “Jumping Jacks” reminded me of the 80’s a little. It’s also one of the few songs with full lyrics to it, but you can’t help thinking ‘wow, that was pretty funny’ while listening to it. (There was a reference to Google chrome vs Firefox that I found hilarious, but then again I’m kind of a nerd like that.)

It was a long time coming. Mr. Big Money started working on it in December of 2011, and for only being one guy, it’s pretty freaking amazing in my book. It’s on all the digital music outlets, including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Music, Rdio and Bandcamp just to name a few. Orlando, and the rest of the world for that matter, GET UP AND DANCE!!

Give it a listen; it will make you want to clap your big booty butt cheeks for days on end.

Spotify link: Chris Big Money – Money Beats
Word Press blog: http://butteryobread.wordpress.com
Chri$ Big Money website: http://www.chrisbigmoney.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chrisbigmoneymusic?fref=ts
Twitter: @chrisbigmoney


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